Mind Your Own Mortgage, Not Mine

You know how movies and children’s books are rated by intended audience? Well, it’s my opinion that books on financial matters should be rated according to income level, something like:

  • F = Filthy rich
  • A = Affluent
  • S = Struggling
  • D = Dirt poor

(Interesting that our language regards both the very rich and the very poor as unclean. Hmm . . .)

The book I’m reviewing today—Mind Your Own Mortgage, by Robert Bernabé—ought to have been rated “A.” Then I, who have lived most of my life in “S” with occasional excursions into “D,” would not have been suckered into believing this book might do me some good.

If you’re just starting out and haven’t bought a home yet; or if you have a decent mortgage or are in a position to refinance; and if you have a reasonable amount of discretionary income, this book will probably be very helpful to you. It’s full of what looks like very sound financial advice for those who can still see out of the holes they’re in.

But if you’re among the millions for whom the American dream has already turned into a nightmare; if “discretionary income” seems as attainable as the Holy Grail; if you’re so far down inside the hole that you can’t even see daylight—Mind Your Own Mortgage has not one word of advice or even compassion to offer you. The clear implication is that if you’ve gotten yourself into this position, it’s because you’re a stupid, lazy, extravagant sucker, and tough luck for you.

I didn’t waste my money on this book, because I got it free from BookSneeze. But I did plunk down $29.95 to join the Mind Your Own Mortgage website, only to discover that since I don’t have a fixed-rate mortgage and can’t qualify for a refinance, its tools are completely useless to me. Although Mr. Bernabé claims to answer emails sent through the site personally, the message I sent complaining about this a week ago has yet to be answered.

I guess that just proves I am a sucker after all.

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