Celebrate St. Lucia Day with a free book!

In honor of St. Lucia Day (Monday, December 13), I’m giving away another copy of Lucia, Saint of Light. Comment here or on my Facebook page to enter. Tell me what you plan to do for St. Lucia Day—or anything else that’s on your mind. I love hearing from you!

The contest will be open for entries until midnight PST on Dec. 13. (US addresses only, please.) The winner will be announced Tuesday, Dec. 14. Good luck to all, and have a wonderful and blessed St. Lucia Day!


2 comments on “Celebrate St. Lucia Day with a free book!

  1. Brandi Bates says:

    Hello Katherine! We will be celebrating St. Lucia’s Day for the first time this year for a couple of reasons. Living and working in Romania, everyone has 2 birthdays a year: the day they were born and their namesake’s Saint’s Day. When our daughter was born we had not yet joined the Orthodox Church…she doesn’t have a saint’s name and she has decided she should. (We were wiser with her brother Gabriel.) She has chosen Lucia. Her best friend has just moved away to Sweden, and I think she loves the crown with candles and carrying the tray with coffee and rolls. (She’s been practicing tray-carrying for weeks.) At 5 and 1/2 these are good enough reasons, but we’d like her to begin knowing the life of the Lucia she has chosen, and for her reasons to grow. Your book seems a wonderful place to start. Blessings on your Advent.

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