My New Year’s Resolution

Surely 1/11/11 is just as good a day to make a New Year’s Resolution as 1/1/11, right? The extra “1” should make it even better!

My resolution is to blog regularly at least once a week. I’d already been planning to do this, but WordPress is making it easier with their PostADay/PostAWeek program. They’re providing a daily blog with inspiration and reminders to help people blog more.

I’d like to ask you, my readers, to help keep me accountable. I plan to post every weekend. If you see me slipping, shoot me a comment and tell me to get my act together! And I’d love it if you’d suggest topics you’d like to me to blog on—grammatical points you’d like cleared up, books you’d like me to review, or any other topic you’d like to hear me sound off on. I don’t happen to believe that the whole world is entitled to my opinion about things in general, but if you ask, I’ll try to respond in a post.

Let’s make this a year of great conversations!


One comment on “My New Year’s Resolution

  1. Charise says:

    Hi, Katherine;
    Today works! Wishing you a great 2011- filled with blessings (and blogging).

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