What do you like to read?

A while ago I asked why you like to read. This time I’m asking what you like to read. Please check as many of the following as you like. If you have one standout favorite genre, tell me in the comments.

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5 comments on “What do you like to read?

  1. Can’t say “Other”?

    I like some “creative non-fiction/literary memoir” and travel adventure. I see you’ve only asked for fiction genres though. I’m not really sure what would be ‘commercial literary’– does The Kite Runner fall in that area?

    And for Young Adult fiction, I mostly like YA that falls into my other favorite areas– SF and fantasy. My standout overall would have to be traditional fantasy though.

  2. Terra says:

    Katherine I filled out the poll but not sure how to send the results.
    My votes are: commercial, classics, mystery hardcore, mystery cozy, suspense, fantasy/urban paranormal, historical (in case the poll vote did not register).
    I agree with Kite Runner being commerical literary.

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