No, this post isn’t about Marilynne Robinson’s amazing novel, Housekeeping, though that book certainly deserves a post someday. This post is just about a couple of blog housekeeping issues.

  1. Apologies for not posting for so long. I went on writing retreat, then I spent a couple of weeks preparing for a presentation on Learning from the Masters (I’ll share some things from that here soon), then I had house guests for three weeks, then I had to get back into some sort of routine. Hence, the dreaded Silent Blog. School starts next week and I vow to do better.
  2. New Theme! New Theme! Do you like my new theme? It’s actually an “update” of the previous one. I miss some of the flourishes of the old one, but I like this one because the text is a little smaller, the column is a little wider, and hence my overlong posts don’t look as overlong. And I think it looks rather elegant. Perhaps I’ll test its techno aspect by trying another poll. The previous ones didn’t work very well, but hope springs eternal. Here goes:


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