What Do You Want in Author Websites?

I’m contemplating a new and improved author website to showcase my upcoming publications. And I’d like your feedback. How do you use author websites (if you do)? What do you like to see there? What can I do to make my website work for you?

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4 comments on “What Do You Want in Author Websites?

  1. Barbara says:

    Information about the author, including contact information, info about the books (including order, if they are in a series), and samples – a first chapter or ten pages of books to get a sense of the author’s style. Other stuff is fine, too, but these are what I generally want to see.

  2. Diana Fairchild says:

    The only turnoff was in the stated reason for the survey: “To showcase my upcoming publishing.” As a reader, just like an agent reading a query letter, we know you are interested in making a sale, you don’t need to tell us that. And blatant self-promotion goes over better with gummy bears and chocolate. And wine. So if you focus on the gummy bears and chocolate. .. and wine. .. we might stick around to see what else you’re offering.

    • Katherine Hyde says:

      Thanks, Diana. I’ll be sure to throw in plenty of chocolate and wine (can’t stand gummy bears, personally). I promise I won’t be saying “Buy buy buy!” But I do think readers come to fiction author websites primarily to find out about the author and his or her books. It’s my job to offer information; the decision to act on it or not is up to the visitor.

  3. wordykaren says:

    Contact info, colorful graphics, covers of your books, link to a blog, a photo of you, something about your life, family, etc. so viewers will feel connected to you, and a tagline so people will get a sense of your ‘brand’ or primary writing interest.

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